Obama to loosen rules on technology exports

Obama to loosen rules on technology exports
Obama to loosen rules on technology exports 

By Howard Schneider
Washington Post Staff Writer
August 30, 2010

The Obama administration is overhauling the decades-old rules for the 
export of sensitive military and other technology, jettisoning what 
industry groups criticize as an antiquated "Cold War" set of regulations 
for a more streamlined approach.

After a year-long review by officials at the State, Defense and Commerce 
departments, President Obama is scheduled to announce plans Tuesday to 
consolidate some enforcement activities in a single agency and develop a 
clearer list of products whose sale is restricted.

U.S. export controls cover tens of thousands of products and services 
and are overseen by three agencies. It is a system U.S. businesses say 
often leaves them hamstrung, even when it comes to selling 
less-sensitive items that are readily available in other industrialized 

Over the years, different parts of the federal government have developed 
"very different control lists, with agencies fighting over who has 
jurisdiction," Obama said in remarks released by the White House and 
scheduled to be delivered by video to an export conference Tuesday. 
"Decisions were delayed, sometimes for years, and industries lost their 
edge or moved abroad."


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