How to Hack Palin's Facebook Page

How to Hack Palin's Facebook Page
How to Hack Palin's Facebook Page

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By Brian Ries
The Daily Beast
October 28, 2010

Keep The Fear Alive! The inside story of a group of rogue ad execs who 
hijacked Sarah Palin and Glenn Beck=E2=80=99s Facebook pages=E2=80=94and how you can, 

The vertical message that ran down the left side on Fox News=E2=80=99 Facebook 
page the night of October 14 read clear as that evening's sky: "K-E-E-P 
T-H-E F-E-A-R A-L-I-V-E." It was a reference to Stephen Colbert=E2=80=99s March 
to Keep Fear Alive, a gathering organized in faux-competition with this 
weekend=E2=80=99s Rally to Restore Sanity, headlined by Jon Stewart.

Minutes after the first message appeared, the same letters, in the same 
order, began turning up on the fan pages of Glenn Beck, Sarah Palin, and 
hilariously, Justin Bieber. Each letter was displayed in the space where 
a profile picture would normally be, next to a posted comment. As each 
Facebook user posted their comments in the right order, the message came 
to life.

Seeing the unauthorized messages pop up on their feeds, the page 
administrators began furiously scrubbing the pages. Palin's message 
lasted almost an hour. Beck's was gone in just one minute.

By the end of the hour, the pranksters had hit the conservative network 
and its two high-profile commentators, all to varying degrees of 
success. They hit The Daily Show's page too, willful participants in the 
faux-feud between the two Comedy Central hosts.

So who were the pranksters behind the Facebook hijackings? The Daily 
Beast reveals who they were, why they did it, and how they momentarily 
hijacked the pages of some of Facebook=E2=80=99s most high-profile users.


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