Is This The Girl That Hacked HBGary?

Is This The Girl That Hacked HBGary?
Is This The Girl That Hacked HBGary?

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By Parmy Olson
March 16, 2011

Next time you see a flock of teenage girls in the mall, note that one of 
them might be Kayla. As your average 16-year-old, she regularly hangs 
out with friends, works part time at a salon and hopes one day to be a 

Behind the scenes though, she=E2=80=99s a big time supporter of Anonymous, the 
loosely knit global hacking group that brought down the Web sites of 
MasterCard and PayPal in defence of WikiLeaks. That=E2=80=99s what she claims at 
least. Kayla flits around the web with so covert an identity that I 
cannot fully verify her age or gender.

Still, the girl known on chat forums as =E2=80=98k, and who spoke to me by 
e-mail as =E2=80=9CKayla,=E2=80=9D is no figment of the Internet=E2=80=99s imagination: she 
helped all but destroy a company. When Aaron Barr, the now-former CEO of 
software security firm HBGary Federal, claimed in a press report that he 
could identify members of the Anonymous collective through social media, 
she and four other hackers broke into his company=E2=80=99s servers in revenge, 
defacing his Web site, purging data and posting more than 50,000 of his 
emails online for the world to see, all within the space of 24 hours.

Kayla played a crucial role, posing as HBGary CEO Greg Hoglund to an IT 
administrator (who happened to be Nokia security specialist Jussi 
Jaakonaho) to gain access to the company=E2=80=99s servers. Read their email 
correspondence here and here. In the fallout, Barr=E2=80=99s emails revealed 
HBGary had proposed a dirty tricks campaign against WikiLeaks to a law 
firm representing Bank of America. Other security firms distanced 
themselves. Kayla and her buddies had opened a can of worms.


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