Have you ever received a pop-up like this?

This is a MESSENGER SERVICE pop-up spam, and most people find pop-ups like this very annoying. These messages are nearly untraceable to their origin and always pitch an illegal scam.

Messenger Service spams do not come from any web site you have done business with, they do not subsidize your ISP, and they are never solicited. Many spams claim otherwise, but in Messenger Service spams such claims are always false.

Fortunately, there is a very easy and non-invasive way to eliminate Messenger Service spam: simply turn off Messenger Service! When you install Windows, Messenger Service is turned on by default, so it is very likely running on your computer right now, waiting for spam to arrive.

Messenger Service is very seldom used except by spammers today. It should not be confused with Windows Messenger, MSN Messenger, AOL Instant Messenger, or any other instant-messaging apps you may be familiar with that have a similar name. Messenger Service is a console message system that never gained widespread use, at least not until it was discovered by spammers. Nearly every computer user can turn off Messenger Service without ever seeing any side effects.

We recognize that for many users, going into the Admin tools to turn off Messenger is a daunting and somewhat dangerous task. That is why we offer a simple freeware tool to turn off Messenger Service and therefore eliminate spam delivered through that channel. DeMessenger 1.0 will tell you if Messenger Service is enabled, will disable it for you, and if you ever need to turn it back on again, it will do that too.

It's free and there is absolutely no catch. Scan the heck out of it with any virus or spyware scanner you like; it's clean.

Unfortunately, the spam business sees Messenger Service as a growth channel for their unwanted spew. Several competing commercial spam products now exist that exploit Messenger Service. Spammers like the anonymity provided by Messenger Service, and the CAN-SPAM act does not cover this form of spam. Unlike email spam (and other annoyances like voice telemarketers), you can't ignore Messenger Service spam! Messenger spam can come in at any moment, pop up while you are in the middle of working, and force you to see their message whether you want to or not. The spammers think this is great, even though it may mean you can't get anything done because Messenger keeps stealing your computer from you for the spammers' benefit.

You can manually turn off Messenger Service by going to Control Panel, selecting Administrative Tools, and Services. In Services, look for a service called simply "Messenger". Right-click on this and select "Properties". Change the "Startup Type" to "Disabled" and click "Apply". Then click OK and exit Services. Messenger should now be disabled.

If you are a novice user, or are in any way uncomfortable messing with Windows' internal settings, you should use the DeMessenger utility instead of manually disabling Messenger. It is possible to damage Windows by misconfiguring some of the other services, so be careful and consult a local expert (or email us) before you start if there is anything at all about this process that you are unsure about.

It's free and there is absolutely no catch. Scan the heck out of it with any virus or spyware scanner you like; it's clean.

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