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Finally, a user-friendly Caller ID Generator for Windows!
And all you need is a Windows PC with a sound card!*


CIDPadTM Caller ID Generator

CIDPad 2.2 TM is the latest version of the first practical all-software Caller ID Generator! There are lots of hardware Bell202 modems and test units on the market but all involve costly hardware - not CIDPadTM!

All you need to do to generate Caller ID signals of your own is run CIDPadTM, enter the name and phone number you want, click "Play" and hear the signal through your PC speakers!

CIDPadTM generates a high-quality phase-coherent FSK signal (44.1 kHz CD-quality!) that can be played live through your sound card or TAPI-Compliant Voice Modem; or saved as a .WAV file for later playback on ANY PC, with or without CIDPadTM installed!

With CIDPadTM you can:

  • Test your own Caller ID terminals
  • Put gag and vanity numbers and names on your Caller ID
  • Place demo numbers on Caller ID terminals on display for sale
  • Comply with telemarketing regulations that require truthful Caller ID while still maintaining your own privacy
  • Make calls on behalf of multiple clients, ensuring that callbacks go directly to them
  • Dozens more uses!!!
    CIDPad 2.2 for Windows Evaluation Version
    Self-Installing archive
    ZIP archive (in case your firewall won't let EXEs through)

    *All You Need:

  • You need CIDPadTM
  • You need a PC with a Sound Card running Windows 95 or later
  • If you want to "Go Live" on the phone system, you need a clean phone line interface (Radio Shack 43-228 or similar)
  • Also for remote operation, you need an existing open connection to the destination Caller ID device is required (the Call Waiting mode is recommended for this!)
  • Optionally, you can send the signal through a TAPI-Compliant Voice Modem

    You don't need:

  • You don't need a special modem (but you can use one!)
  • You don't need Caller ID service on your line!

    CIDPadTM can:

  • Generate MDMF "Name and Number" Caller ID
  • Generate Call Waiting Caller ID
  • Generate Number-Only Caller ID (for early CID terminals)
  • Produce WAV file and live sound output in 44kHz CD-Quality sound!

    And it really works!

    This is a real Caller ID terminal displaying a custom message created with the CIDPadTMCaller ID Generator Core!

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