Caller ID Generator Library for Windows

Latest Version: (2006/03/06)
A library to bring Caller ID Signal Generating capability to your own applications!

Caller ID Application Developers!

The CIDMage Caller ID Engine 4.0 DLL Developer's Evaluation Kit is now available to download! This library has been tested in Delphi, Visual C++ and Visual Basic and should work in nearly any development environment that can support DLLs.

The Evaluation Kit can be downloaded by clicking this line.

In addition to some demonstration code and a basic method reference, the Evaluation Kit provides a special build of CIDDLL.DLL which includes a voice message "The Caller ID Component is Unlicenced. ." after each Caller ID signal. If you purchase a licence for CIDDLL.DLL, not only will you be able to use the DLL in your own production, but the licenced build does not have this message, in fact its data is not even present in the DLL, making it noticeably smaller. The DLL is priced to fit the budget of nearly any service provider or PBX owner requiring custom signal output, starting at $495.00 USD. Also, the Delphi 6.0 source code is available upon execution of a non-disclosure agreement and payment of the appropriate licence fee. All licences are non-expiring and allow unlimited developer seats within your organization (subject to other licence scope restrictions). Contact for more information.

The Demo code shows how you can implement basic Name-And-Number Caller ID output to the PC sound card or a WAV file in just 4 or 5 lines of code! Our DLL does all the signal thinking for you, you just plug in the name, number, the kind of Caller ID (normal or Call Waiting), and optionally the time and date, and call the Go method! It's that easy!

We have just released version which includes a Visual C++ example program.

Thank you for your interest in the CIDMage DLL!

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