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Welcome to, the software development arm of Whirlwind Software.

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New CIDMage DLL for developers now available
Mar. 06, 2006

The CIDMage DLL version is now available. This version fixes a fairly important bug but also adds a Visual C++ example program.

Click Here for more information about the CIDMage DLL.

New FreeWare Utility Stops Messenger Service Spam
Dec. 14, 2004

If you have ever received a pop-up spam window that appeared to come from "Messenger Service", we have a solution for you. CLICK HERE for more information and a free download you need now!

CIDPad and CIDMage Updates
Updated Dec. 14, 2004

CIDPad has received minor updates which improve useability and address a few minor bugs that have been reported over the last few months. If you have already purchased CIDPad, your existing Activation Code will work with the new version 2.2 . Visit the CIDPad Page to download the latest version!

Also, coming this fall:

CIDMage 2.0

CIDMage 2 will have dozens of new features and an all-new user friendly interface. Watch for an announcement here soon!

Nov. 03, 2004 Update - CIDMage development continues at a steady pace, and CIDMage 2.0 will be released in January 2005. New features will include: user-definable low level FSK parameters; ETSI FSK and DTMF signaling; British Telecom compatible V.23 signaling; Command-line automation; multi-identity TAPI auto-dialer for multiple live calls; auto-dial available through automation; append, prepend, or insert Caller ID signal into existing WAV file and save or play (also accessible through automation); combo-mode (play On-hook and off-hook signaling in sequence to maximize chance of success against unknown terminal equipment); and many more!

Many visitors and returning CIDMage users have inquired about the pricing and release date of CIDMage 2.0. While there will be a price increase (due as much to the falling US dollar as to new features) those who purchased CIDMage 1.4 after September 1, 2004 are entitled to a FREE upgrade (not including P&H) to version 2.0. All other existing customers can upgrade without having to buy a whole new license for $25 USD (plus P&H). The free upgrade policy will only be available for those who purchased CIDMage 1.4 between September 1, 2004 and the release date of CIDMage 2.0. Proof of purchase required (email us for details). The release date itself is still not known, but will likely be in January 2005. After that we have commitments to some new products so we are working very hard to have CIDMage 2.0 ready for release as soon as possible.

AutoLogonFix Utility Updated
Apr.12, 2004

We have just updated and released our AutoLogonFix utility, which is open source freeware. This utility applies two of the solutions suggested by Microsoft Knowledgebase Article 141858. If you have recently reinstalled Windows, especially Win98 or WinME, you may have noticed that your logon prompt disappeared and the operating system simply boots into a no-user twilight zone that cannot access your network.

AutoLogonFix applies the registry patch needed to fix this, and comes with an undo option in case you change your mind.

To download, CLICK HERE

CIDMageTM Caller ID Generator New Release!
Updated Feb.12, 2003

A new version of CIDMageTM is now available. Version 1.4 introduces more audio output parameters, and greater flexibility in the MDMF Workshop. The FSK output core has been nearly completely rewritten for greater flexibility and efficiency.

See the CIDMage Page to download a demo!

CIDMageTM Caller ID Generator Updated!
Updated Nov.25, 2002

A new build of CIDMage 1.3 is now available. Version fixes some glitches in the online help, adds contact information, and provides for more Alt-keys for advanced users.

See the CIDMage Page to download a demo!

CIDMageTM Caller ID Generator Released!
Updated August 11, 2002

The commercial version of our Caller ID generator, CIDMageTM is finally ready! Able to generate and decode numerous varieties of Caller ID signals without a Caller ID modem, this program is a must-own for anyone who uses a phone!

Click Here for more information!


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