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Friday, June 22, 2018

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Island Digital Services
Rapid Custom Applications
No job too small!

Our Rapid Custom Applications service produces on-time, on-budget custom Windows and Web applications when off-the-shelf products won't do!

We use Borland Delphi 2010 for most of our Windows work, but can shift to C++ Builder when necessary. These are widely considered the industry-leading rapid application development tools. For web-interface applications, we use PHP/MySQL, the overwhelming industry leaders. We put it together with a combined 30+ years experience in software development and graphic design!

We are able to produce general Windows applications such as database viewer/editors, catalogues, inventories, search tools, specialized network clients and daemons and so on, in addition to DOS-style Win32 console applications and PHP/MySQL Web applications - webstores, forums, guestbooks, even counters and other CGIs outputting graphics! We have extensive experience in automated HTML and JavaScript code generation and have even used automated HTML generators we wrote in-house to create the entire interface for our CD-ROM products.

If you have been looking for an off-the-shelf solution to a software problem and have not found exactly what you need, then perhaps a custom-made application just for your company is the answer!

We will take your specifications (the more detailed and clearly articulated, the less time and cost) and build a Win32 program or PHP/MySQL web application to do exactly what you need.

In addition to the specifications you provide us, all of our applications are built to our own standards:

  • Speed and Efficiency
  • Intuitiveness and User-Friendliness
  • Stability and Security

    We can also write documentation for our applications at nominal extra cost, or you can save money by doing it yourself. We can also create icons, backgrounds, glyphs, buttons and other graphics, but you will save money if you can provide these yourself. We have a qualified digital graphic artist on staff to handle all your graphical needs.

    Lead times and production costs vary, of course, with the size and complexity of the project, but with your specifications we can usually deliver a quote within 24 hours.

    We charge by the entire project, not by the hour. When we give you a quote, that is what the project will cost - we will never surprise you with overruns or overtime.

    In virtually every case, we can produce a custom application for you faster and cheaper than by hiring someone to do it in-house. Outsourcing is the answer!

    All of our quotes and estimates are free, of course, and in most cases we require only a 25 percent deposit prior to beginning work.

    To get a quote on a project, or if you have any questions about our service, please email

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