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GotItBack!TM is the new Multifunction Password Recovery Tool for Windows from Whirlwind Software!

GotItBack!TM can:

  • Recover Web Site passwords remembered by Internet Explorer and Netscape Navigator or Communicator
  • Recover dialup account passwords remembered by the Windows Dialup Remote Access System
  • Recover EMail and Usenet News Passwords remembered by Outlook Express
  • Recover your Windows Product Keys
  • Reset the Content Manager Password
  • Provide detailed system information vital to recovering from a Windows reinstall!
  • Provide a print or file log of all information recovered for later restoration

    GotItBack!TM is indispensible for helping to restore your system to its previous state after a re-install of Windows

    GotItBack!TM can give you your online life back if you forgot a password remembered by IE or Netscape, or your dialup or mail or news passwords

    GotItBack!TM can reset the Content Advisor Password! Content Advisor is Microsoft's built in web censorship feature that, by default, locks out all sites that are not rated - the majority of the net! GotItBack removes the password from this feature and disables it, letting you get back onto the sites that matter to you, whether or not Microsoft has "approved" them!

    GotItBack!TM can help you detect dialup hijacker spyware/adware/malware by letting you examine the numbers dialed for all dialup account records on your system! This security feature is so critical it is even available in the Evaluation Mode for free! If you see a Dialup account with a phone number in the 900 area code or in some Caribbean area code, you probably have a dialup hijacker!

    GotItBack!TM can save you the expense and inconvenience of a costly service call from a technician, in fact technicians use GotItBack! in the password recovery segment of their business!

  • GotItBack! can retrieve your Mail and News accounts!

    GotItBack! can retrieve your Website accounts!

    GotItBack! can retrieve your Dialup ISP accounts!

    GotItBack! can retrieve your Microsoft Product Keys!

    And much, much more!

    What about Firefox?

    One of the questions we are asked most often is, "Why doesn't GotItBack recover passwords stored in Mozilla Firefox?" The answer is, Firefox protects its stored passwords with a "Master Password" which is not stored anywhere on the system but used as an encryption key. That means the passwords are scrambled with the Master Password using a very strong algorithm and the only practical way to unscramble them is by entering the Master Password. If you have lost the Master Password, it does not exist anywhere on your computer and therefore cannot be recovered - and that means that the site passwords are also lost.

    However, if you have not forgotten your Master Password, or if you do not use one at all (which is the case for the huge majority of Firefox users), then you don't need to use a program like GotItBack! to see the site passwords! Simply go to Tools :: Options :: Passwords in Firefox and select "View Saved Passwords". If the passwords are not already showing after that, simply click "Show Passwords" and they will be visible.

    We are aware that some competing products have a "Firefox Recovery Feature" which essentially does the same thing that Firefox has always been able to do for you on its own, for free! Don't fall for it! If you bought a password recovery tool for Firefox, demand a refund now!


    GotItBack! 1.1 for Windows Evaluation Version

    Click Here to download GotItBack.exe

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    If a technician were to come to your home or business to recover your passwords, he would use a utility like GotItBack! (or maybe GotItBack! itself!) and would charge at least ten times our regular price to use it on your computer only once!!! Save yourself a wait, and a big bill, and the inevitable attempt to upsell you hardware you don't need yet - get the Activation Code for your GotItBack! download right now!

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